Smart Farm Tower Garden Systems

The "30 Day Baby Harvest Method"

*New* Solar Smart Farm set-up

3 tower Smart Farm set-up

How to plant from seed

Quick set-up & chilli tower

Smart Farm set-up guide

How to use the nutrient (550g pack)

How to use the nutrient (4kg pack)

How to drain the Smart Farm

15 days growth (from seedling)

25 days growth (from seedling)

50 days growth (from seedling)

DIY Tower Garden Systems

DIY tower set-up guide

DIY tower set-up guide (no overhead tubing)

Recirculation set-up guide

How to use the Nutrient (4kg pack) for fertilizer injector

Mr Stacky DIY Overview

15 days growth before & after

Water Pump Troubleshooting

5 Tier Vertical Gardens

Large 5 Tier Planter + Trolley + Hydroponic Grow Pack!

Medium 5 Tier Planter + Trolley

5 Tier + Trolley Range

Heavy Duty Trolleys

How to Set-up Medium 5 Tier + Trolley

Heavy Duty Trolley Overview

Tower Farms

Full Length - 100 Tower Farm Set-up

Philip Island Strawberries

Green house Lettuce Tower Farm

Best Crops for Tower Farms

Tower Farm set-up time lapse


Tower Farm Overview

Parsely & Basil Farm

Greenhouse Strawberry Tower Farm

Customer Showcases

Customer Videos

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