Tiny Seeds Gardening Initiative

Discover the magic of gardening 

About the Project

We all started from a tiny seed.  The Mr. Stacky ‘Tiny Seeds’ gardening initiative supports childcare centers to advocate the magic of gardening, social responsibility and environmental contentedness for young children. Using Mr Stacky Tower Gardens, we provide an interactive planting sessions where children play a hands on role in creating a colorful, unique and awe inspiring vertical garden display which is then used by the childcare center for daily fresh food and health education. 

Project Aims

According to the latest Australian Bureau of statistics, the average farmer is 56 years old with incidence of young farmers steadily declining.  We want to encourage new ways of thinking about farming to enable trends in automated urban food production. Our aim is to help promote environmental responsibility, cooperation, creativity, healthy lifestyle and above all else, a love of gardening & fresh veggies for young children! 

How it Works – Crowd Funded & Fully Automatedvertical farm for backyard gardens

We completely solve the issues of over or under watering your plants by setting up timed & simple to use automated vertical garden.  The gardens are free standing, so there is no drilling or infrastructure needed.  We take care of the set-up & run an interactive hands on planting session with the children and staff. We provide full maintenance and operational training so your daycare center can have a constant supply of fresh commercial quality vegetables We help you set up a crowd funding campaign utilizing donations to fund the entire initiative!   

Taking expressions of interest.   

Case Study Rainbowtown Childcare Center Robina, Gold Coast QLD

An 80 plant 3 tower automated hydroponic garden at the Rainbow Town Childcare facility Robina.  

“After participating in the establishment of the gardens, we have witnessed the children proudly eating parsley, beans and lettuce straight from the garden!  This is incredible!  Having an abundance of fresh vegetables on-site has also allowed us to implement a mini produce market where the children learn about agriculture & business.” Catriona McGregor (Center Director) 

The following is an overview of the pilot establishment to date. 16 October 2017

14 November 2017

Mr Stacky is so proud to support early education centers in promoting the magic of gardening. 

Package Example (Custom Packages available)

  • Automated 3 tower Organic 80 plant system.   Simple to set-up and maintain organic nutrient set-up.   Comes with everything you need.  (planters, support poles, fittings, water tap timer, growing medium, 1 year supply of organic nutrient, grow guide etc).  How does it work?
  • Simply connect the garden to the water mains and configure the tap timer (provided).   This ensures a very low maintenance set-up with amazing results as we use a full spectrum 100% organic pelletized nutrient that lasts 3 months, then you simply top up every 1-2 months.
  • 80 seedlings of your choice (eg. lettuce, spinach, rocket, beans, capsicum etc)
  • Complete installation
  • 30 minute interactive planting session with the children
  • 10 min training session for staff
  • Optional Crowd Funding Campaign & Management 


Why Choose Mr Stacky?

Beginner Friendly

Best Quality

  • Simply the best & easiest hydroponic method available
  • Coco/perlite works like soil, only way better!
  • The drain to waste eliminates re-circulation issues
  • The nutrient super charges your plants growth
  • Never forget to water your plants, the timer has it covered
  • Mr Stacky is the trusted brand for quality
  • Strong, durable & UV resistant. Won’t crack or fade in the sun
  • Made in the USA with 100% food grade polypropylene
  • Premium quality look and feel

Amazing Value

Tried & Tested

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