Hydroponic Infinity Air Pump + Air Stone + Tubing



SAFE, RELIABLE, POWERFUL & SUPER QUIET this air pump comes with tubing & Air stone.    Using an air pump will inhibit the build-up of toxic chemicals in your reservoir by oxgenating the water.  It’s a worthwhile investment for growers seeking optimal results.

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Aqua One pumps are high quality and perfect for small to medium size hydroponic reservoirs.    Great value for money and also comes with a warranty.

What’s included:

  • AP250 Infinity Air Pump
  • Air Stone
  • 1.5 meter length of 4mm hosing

Product Details:

  • 200L/hour
  • Single outlet (Single output)
  • 3.1 watt
  • Quite and reliable
  • Easy to change
  • Low maintenance
  • Genuine Aqua One parts


1 review for Hydroponic Infinity Air Pump + Air Stone + Tubing

    Jason hall
    October 7, 2022
    Very happy with this pump, I'll be buying another one for my other system
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