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If you want fresh herbs all year from your backyard, good news is it’s super easy.   Here are some easy herb growing ideas!   
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If you’ve every bought fresh herbs from the grocery store, chances are you’ve experienced not so fresh, not so tasty over-priced herbs and thought how can I do this myself instead?    Growing herbs can be quite a relaxing and rewarding way to spend quality time allowing you to flavor your favorite home dishes and meals with freshly grown herbs, rather than those not so tasty and expensive store-bought herbs. The beauty with growing herbs is you can incorporate a variety of different herbs in s small space and relative to vegetables, herbs are really quite easy to grow and maintain. Though the actual process takes little time at all and is quite enjoyable, incorporating herb techniques and ideas that can enhance your experience and your overall herb growth can be every bit as exciting and fun as cooking your tasty home dishes with your own home grown herbs. Bringing your herb garden ideas indoors to your kitchen requires little effort and hardly any space requirements especially when using stackable planters, which is one reason why so many people find favor growing their herb gardens indoors. Bringing your herb garden ideas indoors means giving focus to various indoor living conditions for your herbs. There are many different herbs that simply do not grow well together so Companion planting of your herbs is essential to their growth and again should be key to your herb gardening. For this reason, you should not attempt to throw all your herbs into one planter, but rather take advantage of effective, easy to use stacking planters instead. Rosemary for instance, and sage and thyme actually grow better in a soil that is somewhat sandy and quite dry. Parsley and basil, on the other hand, are true lovers or moisture and grow much better in their own moist planters together. Mint is one herb that is not particularly happy to share garden space with any other herb and tends to be quite invasive. For this reason, you do not want to plant mint with any of your other herbs, but rather an ideal herb garden idea is to grow mint in its own planter, perhaps at the top of the stack.  While the challenges of herb gardening can be varied, the benefits are many. Despite the challenges, however, here is one sure fact about moving your herb garden ideas indoors, and that is the simple fact that all herbs love the sun! So, be sure to place all your stacking planters properly in the sun’s light in order to reap the greatest rewards!   The following are some herb growing ideas to get your growing juices a flowing. OK, first things first – what do you want to grow?  

There’s heaps of herb garden options; beautiful herb garden ideas

Basil | Chives | Dill | Parsely | Mint | Cilantro | Coriander | Sage | Marjoram | Thyme | | Oregano | Rosemary | Tarragon….  Hey why not just grow them all in your Mr Stacky 12 plant herb garden  (pictured below) It’s a good idea to note down what herbs you actually use on a regular basis and new ones you’re keen to try.   For instance, for italian dishes, you’ll want lots of basil, oregano, and flat leafed parsely and even some thyme or chives to give your pizza an extra kick.   These herbs are also fantastic in winter soup.   For your roasts and Christmas lunch’s you’re going to need plenty of sage and rosemary. Quick tip, if you have too much rosemary, keep it in a glass of water in the kitchen for a lovely natural air freshner!   Once you’re happy with your list,  it’s time to think about the space needed for your herbs and what type of containers.  You can go with the standard herb pots or just plant them in the garden (raised beds are best).   Of course we’re slightly biased towards stackable herb garden planters, which is what we would highly recommend.  

Nice and neat stackable planter option 

Mr Stacky 12 Plant Herb Garden

By planting herbs in multiple layers, you can grow way more herbs in one space and decrease the amount of work involved in tending to your herbs.   Not to mention you’ll only need to get water to the top rung with the water filtering down to the bottom rungs by design.   You’ll want to choose a good place for your herb garden that is accessible and has a good amount of light.  Most herbs will need at least 3 hours of direct sunlight p/day, but just make sure you’re providng enough water on hot days.   Kitchen window or glass patio with sun will work a treat.   Thinking of new ideas for your indoor herb garden can be fun. If you’re new to gardening or have any questions please contact us.

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