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Mr Stacky are the leaders in Hydroponic Tower Farming & Organic Vertical Gardening in Australia.  We help Aussies go vertical to maximise space, save water and grow abundant vegetables from anywhere.

Whether you want a simple free standing 5 Tier Garden, an Automated Hydroponic Tower,a Backyard Tower Farm or Commercial Farm, our systems are tried and tested and backed by hundreds of success stories and reviews from people just like you. 

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Gardening Runs Deep in the Veins…..

Feet in the Earth…

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Vertical Gardening Makes Sense

No Digging, Weeding, Watering

No Ground Pests and Disease

No Gangly Wilted Sad Vegetables

Automated, Organic and Fresh 

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Vertical Gardening Products

5 Tier Stacking Planter Sets

Starting from just $45, our free standing stacking planter kits are unique.   With 4 clovers and a center pole for added stability, choose between 3 colour options, 2 sizes and 3 planter sets including planters onlyplanters with trolleysplanters with trolley/growing medium/nutrientraised strawberry towers and hanging vertical planters

Recirculating Hydroponic Gardens

Starting from just $249 you can own a large 1.5 meter hydroponic tower garden that looks amazing.  Designed for beginner growers and automated you just top up the water every couple weeks.   The Smart Farm comes in single or 3 tower units that are integrated using only 1 pump.   3 colour and 2 power options including Electric or Solar + optional heavy duty trolley’s so you can manoeuvre your garden anywhere.  Choose between solar or electric with hydroponic or organic nutrient.   

DIY Hydroponic Tower Kits

Starting from just $349 these tower gardens are quite revolutionary.   Raised 400mm off the ground, they effectively remove soil born pests and diseases.   Simply fill each planter with organic coco coir and stack anywhere with a galvanized metal pole and PVC pipe through the center.   These systems are completely modular and scalable.   You can start with 1 tower and scale up to 30+ with minimal infrastructure cost.   Designed for beginner growers, each kit is automated and simple to use.   Choose between 2 packages (3 Tower DIY), (9 Tower DIY) with 3 power options (electric, solar, or water mains) and 2 nutrient options (organic or hydroponic).  

Commercial Tower Farming Packages

Compare the cost of conventional hydroponic farms to Mr Stacky and your head will spin.   When you remove the need to recirculate water, you eliminate significant material infrastructure and operational costs.  Our farms inject fresh nutrient every feed with various options for hydroponic and organic.   The commercial packages include 30 Tower60 Tower100 TowerCustom or Bulk Stacking Planters.

Wall Gardens

Wallgarden offers more root growth capacity than other vertical garden wall units which means better water retention and healthier growth.   These units install on any wall using basic supplies from hardware stores.  They come in 2 sizes, small (covering 0.6 m2) or large (covering 1 m2). See the specifications

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