Customer Showcase # 5

Owner Name:  Leah
Location: Bellbowrie, QLD
Product:  10 Tower DIY Hydroponic  
Date Established: Mar 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic (Fertilizer Injector)
Sunlight: Full Sun (greenhouse)
Crops Growing: Kale, lettuce, spinach etc



About: Hope you guys are doing well, the system is going really well, a little trial and error but getting there. We are getting heaps of crop which is amazing! Definitely the best setup we have ever had!and I note too I set a trend, you have my setup online to purchase now . You probably getting a few more enquirers now as everyone in SEQ in the Facebook groups I’m on want to know where I got my pots from. I did also want to find out about getting some more pots and medium – and hubby wants to know how long the nutrients last for (ie expires) as he wants to stock up a whole extra year. We are actually making probably twice the size now that we know what we are doing (sunk 15 poles in instead of 9 so do need to get at least 15 more pots. Also, how do you go with keeping a continuos supply of food? Do you have extra towers you rotate through? I am finding I need to plant more tomatoes but can’t as the towers are still producing … any tips greatly appreciated 

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