9 Versatile Herbs to Grow in Your Vertical Herb Garden

9 Versatile Herbs to Grow in Your Vertical Herb Garden

Little herbs add big flavor to any dish. And why buy them in the store when you can grow them at home? Here are 9 of the best herbs to grow in your vertical herb garden.


Herbs are the secret ingredient to almost any dish, and there is nothing better than growing your own.

Having fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them is a luxury everybody can enjoy. Even if you have limited space available to you, vertical gardening can allow you to grow your own fresh herbs, freeing you from the dried variety.

But what herbs are the best ones to grow? Which ones are the most versatile and warrant inclusion in your vertical herb garden?

Keep reading to see the top  herbs you MUST start growing at home and make read to the end to see the best method to grow a multitude of herbs in any small space.

1. Basil

Basil harvest

Basil is one of the go-to herbs for so many different dishes, it is a no-brainer to include his in your vertical herb planter. You will use it copiously and with several varieties to choose from you can grow several and always give yourself a choice.

Not to mention the simple fact that fresh basil smells great. You will be walking through your kitchen all day long just to savor that deliciously fresh aroma.

One tasty dish you could make with your basil is to combine it with the herb below and make a wonderful pesto.

2. Mint

beautiful mint from the vertical planterMint is another fabulous herb to grow in an indoor vertical herb garden. Not only does it grow fast, but there are several great uses for it.

Peppermint is a great choice for fruit dishes, or even in salads. It could even be used to make your own homemade mint pesto.

On top of that, you have several mint types that can be grown and used in teas for a refreshing brew at any time of the day. Apple Mint is a particularly nice variant to grow at home.

Because mint grows at a rapid pace, you could plant small batches of several types and enjoy the best of both worlds.   One note of caution, the roots are invasive which means if you plant in the same planter as another herb, it will likely take over the place!    So plant mint in it’s own planter for best results. 

3. Parsley 

Parsley Towers in Trinidad

Parsley is a versatile herb with so many users.   It’s very easy to grow and perfect for cut and come again style of harvesting.    Parsley does best in a sunny area that’s not too hot, although it will tolerate some shade.   The seeds take a while to germinate so you may want to just buy some seedlings for the easiest method.  Aside from it’s wonderful flavor, it’s jam packed with nutrients and healthy chlorophyll.    Did you know that parsley actually has more vitamin C than an orange?   It’s perfect blended in smoothies!

There are 2 main types of parsley, flat-leaf or curly leaf.   Flat-leaf is mainly used for it’s ease of chopping and amazing flavor, where curly leaf is stronger flavor and also provides a contemporary garnish for your best dish.    Hot tip!   Don’t throw out the stems, they have incredible flavor.   You can incorporate the stems during the cooking process to add a wonderful flavor.  

4. Oregano

oregano in pot


Oregano is a very versatile herb. It can be used in both meat and fish dishes, and pretty much any of the products that fall under those categories. Tomato based sauces are also enhanced with this wonderful herb.

That is reason enough to add it to your collection of vertical garden plants, but did you know that oregano has many other benefits.

Everything from being a pest repellent to a quite marvelous medicinal herb. It can be used to treat acne, reduce inflammation and even treat cold and flu symptoms.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary with purple flowers

Rosemary with flowers

There are a number of reasons why rosemary is a popular herb. For starters, since it is a perennial it will return year after year. It is also quite fragrant which adds to the pleasant atmospheres in your home. Not only is rosemary tremendous for cooking all types of meats and even pasta dishes, but its stems are woody and grow quickly and easily making it a popular choice for many vertical herb gardens.

Rosemary also repels many types of insects which is an added benefit in the house. This herb will also flourish regardless of whether or not you have a green thumb, so no worries there.



6. Sorrel

sorrell picture

sorrel has a lemon flavour

Not easily accessible at the nearest grocery store, sorrel is typically planted by seed and over time will develop into a perennial. It is not only unique, but the sorrel plant is absolutely beautiful and creates an extraordinary flavor which is why it is such a welcome addition when herb gardening. The herb greatly resembles old lettuce, but it has a prominent tang, much like lemon, that is ever so appealing.

If you are up for the challenge, then give Sorrel a try. Chances are you fill find it to be a positive feature of your herb gardening and an ingredient that will give many a dish that little extra zest. 

7. Cilantro/Coriander

Coriander picture with white background


When herb gardening, cilantro/coriander is best grown in a more shady area which means placing it at the base of the Mr. Stacky planter presents with the best results. Vertical herb gardening that includes these healthy, very tasty green seeds is sure to present with the best results when sowing these seeds in the very late summer into the fall months. Cilantro/Coriander has a rather soapy taste that many people dislike. However, it has a wide range of popular food dishes and processes that it serves to enhance including curries, baked apple treats and desserts, and even is commonly used in pickling. With all that said, the versatile herb garden that includes cilantro/coriander is sure to reap many benefits. 

8. Thyme

hydroponic thyme tower gardens

This herb has abundant tasty varieties with lemon being one of the most popular. Used quite often in many recipes, the plant itself is appealing in its look with its green and yellow leaves and is sure to grow just perfectly in your vertical herb garden when using our Mr. Stacky planters. It tends to be perennial as well and is recognized as one of the most versatile herbs that is used in recipes and kitchens across the globe. This herb is a must grow in every vertical herb garden, especially if you are creative in the kitchen. Thyme is often used to season fish and chicken and is even used as a healthy ingredient in some cocktails as well. From a bourbon thyme cocktail to a salty dog and anything in between, thyme adds a delightful flavor to many alcoholic drinks. It also adds a pleasant flavor to many non-alcoholic drinks as well. It has a flavor that blends quite nicely with mint and lemon and is indeed a very versatile herb that is best grown in our smaller Mr. Lucky versatile herb garden planters to gain the maximum advantages. It can also be easily moved from indoors to out which is quite advantageous to many gardeners. 

9. Chives



Chives have such a mild smell and a soft onion like flavor that many people just love. They are often used as a garnish for many dishes as well as a seasoned herb, but are most often used in one very popular home dish – twice baked potatoes of potato skins. Who has ever heard of eating potato skins or twice baked without sour cream and chives?

In addition to having a great flavor, chives repel mosquitoes, so having a versatile herb garden made up of Mr. Stacky planters that include this versatile herb is sure to make for a more comfortable environment. Growing your own chives is certainly much easier and better than investing in countless bug repellents and citronella oil lamps. For all these reasons, chives are a must include in any vertical herb garden.

A Vertical Herb Garden Is a Fantastic Idea!

automated herb garden

Whether you live in a large family home or a small one bedroom apartment having fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them is something you will wonder how you survived without!  🙂 

If you’re looking for the perfect affordable vertical herb herb garden CLICK HERE.   There are a great many herbs and spices that you can grow at home. Given the quantities, you will use and the speed of growth many of them have, you do not need a large space to have a successful herb garden. 


If you want to learn more about vertical gardening then check out some of our other informative posts.

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