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Go vertical and build a sustainable high yielding tower garden in your backyard.  You can grow a perpetual supply of fresh vegetables from almost anywhere.  Choose between hydroponic or organic each with a simple outdoor tap connection for automated watering with no electricity needed.

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Mr Stacky Tower Farming

Bigger, faster, healthier produce.

Grow like the pros in your own backyard

It’s easier than you think!

Rising food prices are a growing concern for Australia families in a mono crop farming paradigm controlled by a large corporate duopoly.   Residential urban farming is the best way to build community resiliancy and self sufficience.  

The key to successful yield in your backyard is automation and technology.   Many are too busy to tend to a conventional garden.   They need systems that are healthy, chemical free, simple and prolific.  Mr Stacky can help you there.     

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beautiful mint from the vertical planter

Automated, Scalable & Prolific

Quality Design

Automated via Water Mains, Solar or Electric Pump | Modular with 2 Size Options | UV Treated Strong Food Grade Polypropelene | Drain to Waste & Recirculation Options| Water & Space Saving

Quality REsults

Easiest Organic or Hydroponic Solutions | Grow Basically Anything | No Ground Pests & Disease | Fresh Nutrient Every Feed | Organic Coco Coir | 30 day money back guarantee | See the results

Quality Service

Detailed Step by Step Instructions | Dedicated Australian Support | 1 Year Warranty on Parts | Free Phone & Email Support | Facebook Growing Community | Online Growers Resources

DIY Hydroponic Tower Gardens FAQ

Grow anything from herbs, lettuce, strawberries & greens to full blown fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini even tubers such as potatoes, carrots and beet root!   

Here’s some inspiration 🙂 :
Beet Root |  Lettuce | Spinach | Kale | Capsicum | Tomato 

Cucumber Celery | Beans | Herbs | Strawberries | Carrot 

Swiss Chard | Pumpkin | Bok Choi Chillies Snow Peas 

Zucchini | Broccoli | Shallots 

You get the picture right!   🙂   You can pretty much grow anything.   Just ensure you’re providing enough sun…

We recommend spacing your towers approx 1 meter apart.   The kits come standard with 7 planters per tower in 2 sizes.   Medium (33cm width) & large (45cm width) with the top planter sittig at approx 1.5-1.7 meters high

This is the simplest form of hydroponic gardening available and very effective.   Modular stacking planters are filled with coco coir which is like soil, only way better (see why).   Irrigation from above drips water onto the top pot with water flowing through to each below layer and the coco wicking the water to all parts of the tower.

Water can be delivered via reservoir (with an electric pump) or water mains (with a fertilizer injector).    A timer is configured at 3 x 1 min feeds per day, and adjustable drippers are used to increase/restrict the flow of water.   An all purpose hydroponic nutrient is used which ensures maximal results. 

The towers are raised so that any drips from above can be used to grow plants at the base, or alternatively, captured with a drip tray fastened to the riser pipe returning the water back to the reservoir (if desired).  

This depends on many factors such as climate, temperature, type of plants, sunlight exposure etc.  However a typical watering regime will be 3 to 4 times per day for 1 minute.  Then adjust the drippers to restrict water flow as needed.  

For the hydrcoponic enthusiasts out there, a drain to waste set-up is quite a foreign concept.   Most hydroponic systems are closed, meaning the water is constantly recirculating.   For example the Smart Farm Tower Garden.  

Drain to waste system is perfect for large gardens where recirculation challenges exist.   They also work amazingly well!   The key is providing a small flush of water at regular intervals.   Just enough to saturate each pot, without significant run-off.  We provide detailed nstructions on how to do this and there are thousands of examples from successful growers worldwide. 

Vegetable plants need direct sunlight to grow properly.   Think about a farmers field.   Full sun all day long.   So long as you have the right moisture content in the tower, full sun is recommended for best results.   In the very hot summer months growing soft crops such as lettuce, you may wish to rig up a shade cloth overhead using the top of the tower.   This is also beneficial to stop birds.   But, yep get the towers in full sun!

You will need a timer, submersible pump, tubing, and a water reservoir. Structural materials will include PVC pipe and steel poling.

Yes!   That’s the cool thing about this method.   It’s modular & scalable wtih very little infrastructure needs.   You can start with a simple 5 tier planter set and when ready, upgrade to a 3 tower DIY set-up.   From there you can simply add more towers and won’t need to re-purchase additional pumps or injectors.  They’ll work for countless towers…  See this farm, the entire farm runs off 2 x fertilizer injectors powered by AA batteries!

Drive some 19mm diameter galvanized metal conduit into the ground then slide 20mm diameter PVC pressure pipe over this, then place some 32mm diameter pressure pipe cut to 500mm high to raise the tower.   Connect the irrigation and set-up the timer and your done!.  If you want a full kit with everything included as well as detailed instructions, check out the DIY tower kits.

 The DIY Towers come with 3 options.   Electric, Solar or Water tap powered.  


  • Electric utilizes a reservoir & electric pump with a timer
  • Solar utilizes a reservoir and 35w solar panel and solar pump connected a custom battery and timer
  • Water tap powered utilizes a fertilizer injector connected to the water mains and a battery operated tap timer

Yes, to do this we simply add a drip tray which is fastened to the riser pipe of each tower which comes with grommets and tubing so you can return it back to the reservoir.  See this quick video for how to do this.   How to set-up a recirculating tower garden.

Raised towers are easier to manage (no bending over) but also by taking them off the ground you’re eliminating a raft of soil born pest issues.   Additionally, the increased airflow and sun exposure is great for the plants.   Many construct the towers over an existing garden bed allowing the drips to feed the below bed.   As the towers are raised, sunlight can get to the below sections for maximum yields.   See this example

Yes, each kit comes with adjustable drippers that allow you to increase or decrease the water output at each tower.   This is beneficial when you have towers at different stages of growth or with different watering needs.

Depending on your selection (reservoir or fertilizer injector), your kit will come with either a 4kg bulk pack or a 550g sample pack of nutrient.   Watch these short videos on how to mix and use them.
4kg nutrient with fertilizer injector
550g pre-pack nutrient

What customers are saying.....

Quick Set-up Guide

Towers with no overhead tubing

Nutrient Mix for Fertilizer Injectors

Nutrient Mixing for Reservoirs

Grow your own food


Imagine stepping outside to a thriving veggie garden

Courtyard, rooftop or backyard

Herbs, lettuces, micro-greens, and veggies

Real fresh quality veggies

Imagine knowing how your food got to your plate

No reliance on corporations

Just self sufficience

  And real results….

From virtually anywhere

You can grow your own food

You really can do this

Why a Mr Stacky Tower Farm?

Top Quality
  • Strong, durable and UV treated
  • Won’t crack or fade in the sun
  • Tried & tested worldwide
  • Large & prolific plant growth
  • Space saving modular design
  • Quality parts & accessories
Beginner Friendly
  • It’s simple and almost fool proof!
  • Set & forget automated watering
  • Coco coir is very forgiving
  • Can be used in various climates
  • Easy to set-up & maintain
  • Grows a wide variety of veggies
  • Comes with full instructions
Amazing Value
  • Comes with everything in 1 kit
    (poles optional)
  • Incredible yield p/square meter
  • Looks great in your backyard
  • Can be scaled easily 
  • Includes warranty on parts
  • Dedicated Australian Support

Check out the Results!

Pot Size

Large (45cm width), Medium (33cm width)

Nutrient Type

Hydroponic, Organic

14 reviews for 9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits

    Matthew Stewart
    January 29, 2024
    Loving this system. We are getting some impressive growth - plants are going nuts.
    Installation was pretty straightforward, and one it’s set up, there’s not too much to do - just check your plants regularly & replenish the nutrients.
    0 0
    Craig Morley
    August 30, 2023
    This system is truly amazing value. We opted for the water mains set-up with fertilizer injector. Just add nutrient to the tank weekly and let it do it's thing. Amazing results, the shallots have gone crazy! Kids love the snowpeas too...
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    Gavin Barnard
    July 6, 2023
    Family love our garden, each day we check the progress of what we have planted. We have 9 towers under cover and have built another 3 giving us a total of 12. The 3 new towers are for tomatoes as they need the sun.
    Thanks Mr Stacky for a great product and service 👍🙏🙏🙏
    0 0
    Love it
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    July 4, 2023
    Really amazing product. I can't believe how well everything is growing, will be getting more nutrient and 2 more towers for my tomatoes :-) Very happy with my purchase thx
    0 0
    Greg Tisdell
    July 4, 2023
    Started with the 3 tower system and after a couple of months I thought it was good to step up to the 9 tower option. It’s so good that i feel the need for another 9 towers…

    Seriously no regrets!
    1 0
    December 5, 2022
    Hi. Really good system. Easy to install.
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    July 31, 2022
    Recently moved and garden has almost zero usable soil and a LOT of clay! So looked for alternatives to get us up and running fast. Mr Stacky to the rescue! Getting salads greens and herbs daily already, tomatoes, sprouting broccoli all going well. We started with a 3 tower system to see how it all worked and within a month expanded it to 9 towers. Just trying veg from seed direct in stacky.. working a treat!
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    July 15, 2022
    At this time of year, winter the towers only receive about 2 hours of sun, from about 9am. They are still productive and produce so much herbs and green leafy vegetables. They do germinate seed well which I then plant in to Gardens around the house.
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    Rachel Perry
    November 26, 2021
    Love my Mr Stacky garden, easy to set up
    Plants are thriving. I don’t have to worry about watering as it takes care of it itself .
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    August 10, 2021
    Just (ie yesterday!) rearranged my outside Mr Stacky’s based on last years experience. More open (for light) and a slightly different config for the tomatoes. Still pretty bare in the chilly Southern Tablelands and I’m yet to add the new irrigation. Yes the broccoli is in a raised pot, but it was available!

    Behind is the greenhouse with capsicums still producing mid-Winter in the Smart Towers. Although not sure that the diesel bill for the heater is economic/eco friendly!
    0 0
    May 5, 2021
    Hi Mr Stacky
    Luv it! Just completed setup which was very straight forward, planting now n can't wait to see results. Will send through pics when it's blooming.
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    October 12, 2020
    My stackys are run off wet pots (clay balls that are connected to irrigation) and a small water tank. My advice is that plant tall growing things like celery and leeks on the bottom level and slow growing plants towards the back if you have one side slightly less accessible. Plant all your herbs close together so you know exactly where to look when you’re mid cooking!
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    October 12, 2020
    Hope you guys are doing well, the system is going really well, a little trial and error but getting there. We are getting heaps of crop which is amazing! Definitely the best setup we have ever had!and I note too I set a trend, you have my setup online to purchase now . You probably getting a few more enquirers now as everyone in SEQ in the Facebook groups I’m on want to know where I got my pots from. I did also want to find out about getting some more pots and medium – and hubby wants to know how long the nutrients last for (ie expires) as he wants to stock up a whole extra year. We are actually making probably twice the size now that we know what we are doing (sunk 15 poles in instead of 9 so do need to get at least 15 more pots. Also, how do you go with keeping a continuos supply of food? Do you have extra towers you rotate through? I am finding I need to plant more tomatoes but can’t as the towers are still producing … any tips greatly appreciated
    0 0
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    9 towers running on solar power
    9 Tower DIY Garden Hydroponic Kits photo review
    August 12, 2020
    Everything works perfect little bit of tinkering involved but once I figured it out wasn't too hard.

    Solar panels work well enough, they supply enough power in winter to water the plants so definitely will in summer when it's hot.

    No issues at all mate!
    0 0
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