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Build an efficient and space saving vertical garden with Mr. Stacky DIY stackable planters.  Buy in bulk and save!   Made from strong, durable polypropelene, these planters are top quality and made to last without cracking or fading in the hot Australian sun.

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Commercial Farming FAQ

We recommend min 1 to 1.2 meters apart to ensure adequate sun to all sections of the farm.

This is an excellent method to increase sunlight to the lower parts of the tower.   In fact out latest recommended design for commercial set-ups is 3 meter poles that are secured overhead with simple wiring.   Then a planter at the base of the tower, then first tier 500mm above the ground, then 5 medium stacks, then 25mm spacer, than 5 medium stacks.  See this picture for an example

  • Commercial quality yields (vertical growing methods)
  • No waste product or flushing of system required
  • Low operational costs
  • Plant constantly receives fresh nutrient instead of reconstituted/depleted nutrient
  • Easier to maintain a consistent PH level 
  • Nutrient water is less prone to pathogen attack
  • Significantly less logistical and maintenance issues compared to re-circulation
  • Effective insulation of roots from extreme heat (using coco/perlite medium)
  • Strong buffers against any prolonged moisture loss 
  • Almost no electricity usage as there is no water pump required
  • Highly cost effective with reusable medium 

This depends on a range of factors including sunlight, temperture, plant types and phases etc, but as a rule, we recommend budgeting for 1 litre per tower per day. 

Vertical farming with hydroponic technologies are expanding rapidly all across the world due to increased urban farming demands and production needs. 

Most hydroponic facilties carry a substantial infrastructure outlay with the need for greenhousing, water re-circulate, water, temperature and pest management, reservoirs, pumping etc etc. 

The infrastructure cost of a Mr Stacky tower farm are significantly less other systems with arguably an even better yield per square meter.   With our latest farming methods, we have simple and scalable solutions for pest management, crop rotation, sunlight optimization, wind management and even an innovative per tower mini greenhouse solutions.   

With a recirculating farm (eg. NFT), you run the risk of water born diseases being carried through to the entire farm.   Our tower farms use a fertigation method which ensures fresh clean nutrient every feed with almost no water management overheads or expensive monitorring systems.  

Our injectors are high quality with 1 year warranty and come with replacement parts to maintain optimal useage over time.   They are used in commercial fertigation set-ups all over the world.   They work like a venturi.   As water is pushed through (from water pressure), a suction action is created inside the device, which extracts liquid fertilizer from a reservoir below and injects this into the flow of water which goes out to the garden.  It is adjustable so you can varry the output from 0.4% – 4.0% 

Free Standing, Space Saving
Vertical Gardens

Quality Design

Modular with 2 Size Options | Made from UV Treated Food Grade Polypropelene | Strong & Durable | Simple & Effective | Water & Space Saving | Tower Rotates Around Center Pole

Quality REsults

Tend to Your Garden Standing Up | Add the Optional Coco Coir + Nutriet Pack for Simple Hydroponics | 30 day money back guarantee | See the results

Quality Service

Dedicated Australian Support | 1 Year Warranty on Functional Parts | Free Phone & Email Support | Facebook Growing Community | Online Growers Resources

Stacking Planter FAQ's

Grow anything from herbs, lettuce, strawberries & greens to full blown fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini even tubers such as potatoes, carrots and beet root!   

Here’s some inspiration 🙂 :
Beet Root |  Lettuce | Spinach | Kale | Capsicum | Tomato 

Cucumber Celery | Beans | Herbs | Strawberries | Carrot 

Swiss Chard | Pumpkin |

You get the picture right!   🙂   You can pretty much grow anything.   Just ensure you’re providing enough sun…

Yes certainly.   The stacking planters in the 5 tier sets are exactly the same as the hydroponic kits.   So you can buy a small 5 tier set and see how it works, then once you’re happy scale up to a larger set-up if desired…

Yes.   Food Safe Polypropylene #5. Like what yogurt containers are made of except we use a lot more of it.

This all depends on what you want to grow.   The 33cm width pots have a capacity of 5 litres each which is suitable for lettuces, herbs, spinach, beetroot, flowers and plants with smaller root systems.   The 45cm width pots have a large 15 litres capacity each.  This is ample space to grow all kinds of fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and even pumpkin or watermelon if you really want! 

Yes, and many customers do.   Make sure you use good quality well draining potting mix.   Great news is Mr Stacky is modular, so you can start small and build a self sustainable garden over time.   

While the poles are not 100% necessary, Mr Stacky planter sets come with a center pole which adds stability and allows you to move the garden from above as the pole extends above the planter.  Other stacking planters do not provide this.   This also allows you to convert your 5 tier kit into a hydroponic tower kit if you want. 

Simply water the top pot!   Each stacky has drainage holes in the center and outer clovers which disperse water optimally to touch all the root systems on the way down.   This flow through design ensures pooling of water or root rot. 

Yes. Here is a short video
We have raised garden kits for you to purchase or alternatively, just buy some 19mm galvanized metal poling and cut to required size, then put 20mm PVC over this, then either 32mm PVC (for medium planters) or 50mm PVC (for large planters) cut to required length.   The planters sit on the riser PVC and the center pole provides stability as hammered into the ground.

When you see the bottom dripping, this means the above layers are saturated so you want to stop watering before you see drips from the bottom.   As a rule of thumb it’s much better to provide regular small doses of water opposed to less regular longer feeds.  

For example, the DIY systems normally feed 3 times a day for example 9am, 1pm, 5pm at 1 minute intervals.  

As long as you have a support through the middle, you can stack them as high as you want!.     

Some stackable planters on the market use inserts inside each planter designed to hold water in each layer.  This is not good practice!  Pooling water promotes disease such as root rot.   Mr Stacky planters are FREE FLOWING.   Free flowing water is essential for transfer of nutrient and oxygen to the root zone and we do not recommend inserts. 

Yes.  See these DIY Towers or the 3 Tower Smart Farms for a simple guide.   Anyone can do this.


Tried, Tested & Built to Last

  • Made from BPA Free polypropelene
  • All kits come with center pole for added stability
  • No bending over or tilling the soil
  • Enjoy fresh vegetables from your backyard
  • Medium size is perfect for greens, lettuces, herbs, flowers etc
  • Large size is for strawberries, capsicum, tomatoes, brocoli etc 
  • Easily add more pots if desired
  • Convert to a raised tower garden or hydroponic 
  • No more dirt, digging or weeding

Why Choose Mr Stacky?

Top Quality
  • Strong, durable and UV treated
  • Won’t crack or fade in the sun
  • Large & prolific plant growth
  • Space saving modular design
  • Quality parts & accessories
stone color vertical garden stacking planter mr stacky
Free Standing & Versatile
  • Modular design
  • No bolting into walls required
  • Configurable in various ways
  • Tend to your garden standing up
  • Grows a wide variety of veggies
  • Tried & Tested 
Amazing Value
  • 20 Plants in any small space
  • Comes with everything needed
  • Start small and scale up
  • Looks nice in your backyard
  • See this detailed review
  • 30 day money back guarantee

50 Stacking Planters, 100 Stacking Planters, 200 Stacking Planters, 500 Stacking Planters, 1000 Stacking Planters

Pot Size

Large (45cm width), Medium (33cm width)


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