Our Humanitarian Mission

Approx 1 billion people go hungry every single day

Building self-sufficiency is the key to food security

heaps of tower gardens

This is the future of Urban Farming.

Up to 9x higher yields p/square meter using 80% less water

So we're teamed up with organisations that share our vision of food security and self sufficiency.

Bringing our passion to the world. And helping along the way

Developing countries | Refugee camps | Orphanages | Schools


Food Security & Agri-Business

Approximately 1 billion people go hungry every single day.   200 million of them children.   The complex issue of poverty requires solutions which enable self sufficiency tools, not just aid.

We believe that self sufficiency rather than short term relief is the best way to affect real change and break the cycles of dependance for marginalised communities.

The benefit of hydroponic vertical gardening versus soil based systems is profound, requiring up to 80% less water & producing up to 900% higher yields per square meter of space.   This is particularily important for in-land regions and coastal areas with dry and arrid or salt ladden soils.

That’s why we’re teeming up with non profit organisations with similar goals who can provide guidance to the most relevant needs as well as charitable funding opportunities.

We are particularily passionate about establishing programs which enable micro-business opportunity within Refugee Camps, Orphanages, Community centers and Primary schools.   By teaching people how to produce food for commercial purposes, we can create truly sustainable communities in which healthy living and local food production is ingrained within the community spirit.