Mr Stacky Australia

              When I moved from Canada in 2000, I was like… Seriously?   You can grow all year round in this place!!!! I immediately went to work converting a 1 acre property in Tallebudgera Valley QLD into a year round organic veggie garden oasis.  Shortly after, I was designing gardens for the neighborhood and running food co-ops.   I later developed Urbanherb, the first nationwide online farmers market with a vision to align backyard micro-business and neighborhood food distribution. My passion for gardening followed me to the big smoke of Sydney where I saw a need for people to live sustainably even with a tiny living space.   So I developed the vertical grow system for balconies and small spaces.   The systems achieved incredible results and I quickly realised I was completely nuts about hydroponic gardening! My desire to grow my own food and teach others how to do the same has blossomed into an all encompassing mission to unlock new ways of thinking about food production in urban areas.   Mr Stacky Vertical Gardening Systems are a revolutionary way to transform any space into a thriving food production center.   Our mission is to align food production with  charitable causes to establish this capability in developing communities, orphanages, schools and refugee camps to provide food security for vulnerable populations. 

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