Customer Showcase # 92

Owner Name: Tayla 
Location: South Hedland, WA
Product: 5 tier vertical garden
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: 4 -5 hours daily
Crops Growing: Lettuce, herbs, flowers



About: Being a beginner gardener I’m
loving my Mr Stacky’s!
I started with a 5 tier manual watering tower in
October 2020 and have since added the Solar smart farm. I found that living in
the Territory the sun is hot hot hot so being able easily to maneuver my tower
into some spotted shade to escape the intensity is fantastic. It also
has been wonderful during big storms where I can move it undercover for some
protection from the strong winds!! Having the 2 stackers gives me the freedom
to not only grow more but make for happy plants with different levels of the sun
in different areas of my home (herbs with the morning sun).

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