Garden Fail # 43

Owner Name: Susie
Location: Como, WA

Years ago I used to have a wonderful veggie and herb garden, but these two sad looking fellows are proof that increasing mobility problems have turned my green thumb brown! With chronic back injuries, I am now unable to lift and bend like I used to, and maintaining garden beds is no longer an option. I’m also unable to drag heavy pots out of the scorching WA sun on our hottest days.

I was so excited to discover the Mr Stacky website – and your ‘Garden Fails’ competition! At last I have found a way to grow fresh, healthy food and move toward self sufficiency in spite of the physical issues that have made regular gardening impossible for me recently. 

If I won a Mr Stacky Solar Smart Farm Hydroponic Tower Garden, I would add a wheeled base so my Smart Farm could catch the sunshine, while still being able to be easily wheeled into the shade on days when it’s over 40 degrees. 

With a Mr Stacky tower garden (or two, I’m saving!) I have renewed hope that I can join the ‘grow your own food’ movement at last!



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