Coco Coir with Hydroponic Nutrient is like natural rocket fuel for your plants!

Why use Coco?

The Issue with Soil

  • With coco, you simply cannot over-water your plants.
  • Coco holds up to 22% air porosity when fully saturated
  • Coco is also highly absorbent and acts like a wick, soaking up water like a sponge.
  • Coco is inert, meaning it’s free from nutrient, pathogens and disease
  • With coco you simply add nutrient to the water in exact quantities.
  • With hydroponic nutrient you’re providing exactly the right amount of nutrition your plants need to thrive
  • This is the simplest form of hydroponics
  • Coco comes in dried 5KG blocks which expand 7 times when water is added making it perfect for shipping at large quantities. Give Coco a try, you will be very happy you did!

Many growers struggle with growing plants in pots. Potted plants are very susceptible to hydration issues. Simply put, most growers either under or over-water their plants. Thirsty plants wilt and are easily spotted. Unfortunately, many growers tend to over-water to compensate. This causes root rot which kills your plants just as quickly. Solving hydration issues is the key to successful pot plant growing.

Even the highest quality potting mixes will get water logged if you’re over-watering. Remember, plant roots love & need oxygen! Too much water, means not enough oxygen. If only there was a potting mix with just the right level of absorption to retain water without becoming water logged?

~Superior Blend Has Been Used For All Photos & Video’s Seen As Follows~


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