How to make frozen herb cubes

I remember seeing some herb cube ideas on the Internet a summer or two ago and developed a simple way to do it myself. If you’re in a hurry and want to save your summer’s herb bounty, the directions and pictures below should help. While I used basil in the photos, you can try any cooking herb that makes you happy. Experiment with it and enjoy! Cheryl Step 1: Pic your basil, rinse and drain. Step 2: Pluck the leaves, place them in a food processor. Add just enough oil to provide lubrication. Pulverize the basil according to your food processor’s directions. Step 3: Pour the basil/oil mixture into ice cube trays and place the uncovered trays in the freezer.. (The trays in the picture are the miniature type that you might find in a camper’s refrigerator/freezer. ) Step 4:  Once the mixture has frozen completely, remove the trays from the freezer. Loosen the cubes by gently twisting the trays. (If the cubes are stuck, running warm water across the bottom of the tray for a few seconds may help.) Place your cubes in a freezer bag, label and refreeze. You now have flavored herb cubes to use in the recipes of your choosing.
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