Customer Showcase # 242

Owner Name: Molly 
Location: Chermside, QLD
Product: 5 tier vertical garden
Date Established: 2022
Growing Method: Soil
Sunlight: 5+ hours daily (Full sun)
Crops Growing: Strawberries



About: I am in love with my Mr Stacky planter! Living in a townhouse with minimal garden that’s shaded by large trees this little vertical planter is perfect. I can move it around to different spots in the garden to make sure the plants get the full sun they need and deserve. I’ve managed to grow zucchini during our winter which was a surprise with the first little zucchini forming as we speak! During the lettuce crisis we’ve also managed to grow our own cos lettuce! I would recommend this planter to any new and aspiring gardeners to start off with because it has such wonderful results! 

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