Customer Showcase # 4

Owner Name:  Lachlan
Location: Stanthorpe, QLD
Product:  9 Tower DIY Hydroponic Farm 
Date Established: Aug 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic (Solar + Recirculation Kit)
Sunlight: Full Sun 
Crops Growing: Everything!




About: We get very little rain in this area so water preservation is key.   We also wanted to use solar instead of electricity.   So Mr Stacky helped us with the recirculation kit which goes under each tower.   The riser pipes are cut to 600mm high and the water is gravity fed back to the reservoir.   Everything works perfect little bit of tinkering involved but once I figured it out it wasn’t too hard.    Solar panels work well enough.   They supply enough power in winter to water the plants so definately will in summer when it’s hot.   

We have a huge variety of summary and winter veges, the snow peas and broadbeans  yield is exceptional.   

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