Customer Showcase # 2

Owner Name:  Bud & Lucia
Location: Tallebudgera Valley, QLD
Product: 60 Tower Commercial Farm
Date Established: Jan 2018
Growing Method: Hydroponic
Sunlight: Full Sun
Crops Growing: Parsely, Coriander, Basil, Mint




About: We’re retired and have spare land so thought why not give this a go?  We grow Parsely, coriander and mint for local shops.  From 1 seed, we can get up to 8 crops.   Parsely grows fast so when you cut it back, it’s ready for harvesting again in 2-3 weeks.   This lasts for a good 3-4 months than we re-plant.  To remove we cut inside the pot beside the pole and pull at the base of the plant stem.   The entire roots come out and we just add more coco/perlite then add seed straight into the tower. 

The plants go ballistic.  No issues with growing.   We had mould issues growing Basil, so switched to Parsely, Mint, Coriander only.    Most of the work is in the harvesting/packaging and we have help from local friends and family.   We enjoy being outdoors.    We learned quickly not to use cheap weed matting.   Make sure you get matting with strong UV resistance.   Also, we later added planters at the base of each tower to increase yield and decrease run-off as the ground was getting soggy after rain.   Very happy with the system. thanks. 

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