Customer Showcase # 6

Owner Name:  Calvin
Location: Ringwood, VIC
Product:  Solar Smart Farm Tower Garden 
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic (Recirculating)
Sunlight: 1-2 hours daily
Crops Growing: Leafy greens



About: This is my first hydroponics setup. I chose Mr. Stacky because it is a neat and elegant setup, without the need to DIY or much experience in Hydroponics. You can pretty much get the system going within 30min. The kit comes with everything I need to get started and instructions were easy to understand. One thing I would like to mention is probably include in your manual, that coco peat would overflow is filled too much in the planter. There are also holes in each planted to get water drain, but over time you would also lose some coco peat into the reservoir, which could potentially cause the pump to block.If possible, the planters should be made more affordable and readily available in Bunnings. That way, you could get more people to take up the hobby. Let’s be honest, not everyone has 300-400 to chuck at a planter, when similar soil based planters can be bought for less than $100 at local hardware shops.

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