Hydroponic Gardening

Plants don’t need soil to grow, they need the nutrients contained in the soil!  Hydroponic crops can produce up to 3 times more produce than soil based plants.  Why? Because you are providing the most optimal conditions for growth.  Everything the plant needs, in all the right quantities, at the right times allowing the plant to reach it’s full genetic potential.  In a soil-based garden, a plant wastes alot of energy developing huge root systems in search of food and water.  In hydroponics, it’s delivered straight to the roots.

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Without the need to search for food, a plants energy is spent in production of foilage, flowers and fruit (ie. veggies!)  The root systems of hydroponic plants are much smaller, so you can plant them closer together and harvest better yield in less space.

And, it’s perfectly natural too.  In hydroponics we provide the same 17 nutrients and elements the plant searches for in  soil. Hydroponic nutrients are derived from naturally occurring mineral salts.  The plant doesn’t care where the nutrients come from, it uses it in exactly the same manner.

Hydroponic crops are supported in a neutral medium such as clay balls or gravel.   You simply add the nutrients to the water and the liquid food is circulated directly to the roots enabling the most prolific, robust and vibrant plant growth with maximum yields.  We guarantee you will have the best results or your money back.

Hydroponic Gardening Articles

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Hydroponic Gardening Articles

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