Customer Showcase # 259

Owner Name: Robert
Location: Waverley, NSW
Product: Smart Farm Tower Garden
Date Established: 2022
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: 4-5 hours daily 
Crops Growing: Lettuce, Rocket, Kale



About: This system is AMAZING!!! I grew everything in the tower last year from seed. I just followed Mr Stacky’s instructions and had a huge and long-running harvest. No shortage of lettuce, rocket, kale, silverbeet, bok choy in our house. Good tomatoes, carrots, beets and radishes too.
We only have a small deck with lots of shadows that reduce the sunlight time. Very impressed with what Mr Stacky helped us achieve.
This year we’ll be raising seeds indoors ready to plant out instead of seeds to get an even bigger and longer harvest.
It’s also been cool to try growing winter crops. The broccoli got a bit out of control and we ended up with a brilliant display of yellow flowers.
Thanks so much Mr Stackey! 

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